3Dリモート計測システム レーザー振動計

3D リモート計測システム OCM-A  株式会社 3D イノベーション

3D リモート計測システム OCM-A




光遠隔三次元計測システム OCM-A


○製造分野 :ラピッドプロトタイピング、リバースエンジニアリング、インライン検査
○土木計測分野 :構造物の測距、震動計測、ヘルスモニタリング
○その他の分野 :接触・接近が困難なターゲットの計測、デジタルアーカイビングなど


【 主な仕様 】



出力パワー 0~15dBm ※1

※1 用途に応じて調整可能


数100m(プリズム使用) ※2

※2 天候等の環境条件により










OCM-A is an optical distance measurement system using frequency-shifted feedback laser (FSFL).*

By acquiring high-speed, high-precision point cloud data, 3-dimensional and medium/long distance measurements are realized.
*FSFL is a result of collaborative research between Tohoku University and KODEN Electronics CO., Ltd.

Operating principle

In the laser resonator of FSFL, frequency modulated comb is generated with excellent linearity by constant frequency shift

Resonator configuration of FSFL

The optical wave emitted from the gain medium at ν0 is shifted by νs of the shifter frequency and fed back.

Frequency-domain ranging

By combining the reflected light from the
target and the reference, a beat signal proportional to the distance to the target can be obtained light using a chirped light.


Frequency chirped comb output

Frequency-chirped light is characterized by resonator circulation time τRT and shifter frequency νS. The chirped mode structure is called a comb and is represented by the number q.


 Optical Frequency

Distance measurement by FSFL

The figure shows how the beat frequency changes when the target distance is changed from 1364 mm to 1546 mm. Higher order beat frequencies can also be observed.

Measurement example of OCM-A
Laser beam scans an object surface such as a product or mockup to acquire highly accurate three-dimensional coordinate data (point group). An inspection result can be immediately obtained by comparing the measured data with the 3D CAD data.
Product inspection
A door hole locations as In-line Inspection

Large items with complex shapes

Measurement of intricate and complicated shapes is also possible with large parts such
as engine blocks and transmission cases. With a large work area, collective measurement within the line of sight is possible. Therefore, the synthesis error is suppressed, and a high- reliability high-quality point cloud is obtained.

High temperature sample

Measurement in an electric furnace


Objects at 1,200 C are shining as dazzling eyes, but OCM-A can be obtained 3D data remotely with high accuracy. It is powerful as a measuring tool for material research, life test, forging press, and so on.


Field of civil engineering and architecture

Structures located in middle and long distances, which are difficult to approach, can accurately measure distance and dynamic displacement (such as resonant frequency and deflection of a bridge) by OCM-A using prisms. Remote measurement makes scaffolds unnecessary, and can reduce costs. Long-term measurement such as health monitoring of large structures is economically realized.